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What is a 404 error?


Victor Brugman

December 16th, 2021


Visitors to your site will land on a 404 page (error page) when they search for a link that doesn't exist or that's been deleted. With the creation of a Sub.Link measurable link or QR code you have the option to redirect from the original link once it’s not available anymore. This means that with whatever link you share, you are always able to send the clients to the most recent landingspage.

This is one of the features Sub.Link has to offer. Check our pricing page for plans and features.

How to avoid 404 errors with Sub.Link

  1. Create a with a suitable call-to-action that links to your prefered landingspage.
  2. Start sharing your own measurable link.
  3. When the original landingspage has changed or you want to send people to another location, you just change the link behind your
  4. People will click the same old but won't go to an outdated page.

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