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QR codes for online presentations


Victor Brugman

December 21st, 2021


QR codes are found to be very helpful sometimes. From a business perspective, there are dozens of options to use them. In your case, we see big opportunities in the field of online presentations. What many businesses forget, is that you can get valuable insights from the use of these QR codes. And that's where Sub.Link comes in.

With QR codes in you presentation you can:

  • Instantly connect with your viewers.
  • Redirect to contact page and acquire mailing lists and phone numbers.
  • Gain convenience for the user.
  • Gain higher conversions because almost every viewer has his phone next to him when watching a webinar.
  • Send your viewer wherever you want to so you can stop having to put links in chat.

Be able to measure which slide of your presentation gets most interaction by putting a small or big QR code wherever you want. Start A/B testing by comparing these conversions.

You are able to gain a lot of insight when your QR code is being scanned. You get to see where your audience comes from, how many unique scans there were, total scans and much more!

Measure the unmeasurable from 3rd party websites. Gain insights that other websites won't give away. And all that according to GDPR.

Click here for more information about our measurable QR codes

How to put a Sub.Link QR Code in your presentation

  1. Start thinking of where in your presentation you would like to convert and measure.
  2. Create or search for the landingspage where you want the scanner to go to.
  3. Copy the link from the landingspage and create a with it.
  4. Download the QR Code that comes with this link.
  5. Integrate the QR Code in your presentation.
  6. Analyze how your QR Code is performing and start testing.

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