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QR codes for printed media


Victor Brugman

December 21st, 2021


A QR Code can be pasted on any form of print media advertisement. A QR Code can make any print media advertisement look above average. By turning the advertisement into an interactive one, it can elevate the entire look of the campaign. An interactive campaign with a QR Code can help customers engage better by letting them know that there is a gift or a coupon upon scanning the code, or special discount only for the scanners, and so on.

Many major b2c brands have been taking advantage of QR Codes for posters. It allows you to create a more visual advertisement and is the clearest example of connecting off and online advertising. When the code is scanned, it could lead to a “more info” style video, or a page to purchase. It’s particularly good for print ad’s because rather than overwhelming the viewer with copy, keep it light, and prompt them to learn more online. This is also extra beneficial for you as marketers, because you’ll drive web traffic from print advertising.

QR codes can be measured and you won’t ever have to worry about a 404.

How to put a Sub.Link QR Code on your product

  1. Start thinking of where on your product you would like to put this QR Code.
  2. Create or search for the landingspage where you want the scanner to go to.
  3. Copy the link from the landingspage and create a with it.
  4. Download the QR Code that comes with this link.
  5. Integrate the QR Code in your printed media.
  6. Analyze how your QR Code is performing and start testing.

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