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Branded links for all your social media channels


Victor Brugman

December 16th, 2021


Anyone ever ask you for your LinkedIn or Facebook account details, only for you to have to rumble around looking for your own social profile? This is especially troublesome if you have a common name and don’t remember your designated URL.

Using your own custom link shortener will instantly and forever solve this problem, and it has for me. All I did was take all of my favorite social channels and create a short link for each of them using the exact name of the social channel as my URL slug.

So now, instead of going to…uh I forgot what my LinkedIn is, does it have an “/in/” in it? Or maybe it’s my full name and not just first and last…

No worries, just go to and it will work every time. Very easy to remember and very easy to share with others. The same goes for every other channel.

How to create sub.links for all your socials

  1. Create a suiting domain with a suitable call-to-action.
  2. Shorten your social media links with this domain and change the URL slug with the name of the social media platform.
  3. Start sharing your own measurable link with whomever you would like to keep in touch with.
  4. When someone asks for you linkedIn, just send him you domain link with the chosen slug. (
  5. No more searching around and you are even able to measure performance.

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