Track conversions between any channel

Get to know the conversions from and to ANY channel with our smart, trackable and dynamic links and QR Codes.


Gaining insights from EVERY channels

By adding unique Sub.Link for every channel you want to measure from. You instantly get to see where the people who clicked on your link come from. You don't have to manually tag (Google Tag Manager) every link you share. And for offline conversions you can create QR codes specifically for that campaign (e.g. billboard, flyer).

Using Sub.Link to measure campaign performance

See where most clicks come from and what channel converts best. You can even go A/B testing on multiple channels to see which campaign is clicked upon mostly. With this clickdata you get information like location, device, browser and the time most people clicked.

Combine all channels in one dashboard

Every channel and platform has its own analytics. What if you can combine them, build funnels and see what works best for you?


Dashboarding service

We are offering a CMO as a service. This means we will integrate all the data you are already getting from the platforms you use and put this in a custom dashboard. Get to see the KPI's of your company, set targets and compare your exact numbers with those of last month and the months before that. The KPI's set here are easily changeable.

Sub.Link tech

A dashboard from Sub.Link automatically comes with an integration of the Sub.Link technology. Be able to see all how many people watched your Facebook post dashboard. But also be able to go beyond that: build funnels, test which channel is converting more and see where your customers are coming from.


We will give you advise based on the data we get to see in your dashboard. Maintenance is also included within the support hours. How many you want or need is all up to you.

Database enrichment

Need help with enriching your database? Do you miss someone's email? Need other details of your clients?