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Data dashboards: what it is and why you should use it.

Victor Brugman, 20-8-2021

Do you rely completely on your gut feeling when making decisions? Or does data also play an important role? Research shows that more than half of all companies rely on 5 or more data sour...

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How to optimize the 5 steps of your customer journey

Victor Brugman, 31-3-2021

Do you know how your customer found you today? Is it through social media accounts? Do they search for something in Google and are you the 1st one that comes up? Or is it word of mouth...

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QR codes are back and they're here to stay!

Victor Brugman, 16-3-2021

Are QR codes new? Hell no! However, partly due to the pandemic, the use of QR codes has skyrocketed over the last years. QR codes are used differently and now work better than ever...

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Everything you need to know about QR codes in 2021

Victor Brugman, 26-1-2021

Did you know that you can measure how often a QR code has been scanned, at what time of day the QR code was scanned, how many unique people came back and with which device the QR code...

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