Everything you need to know about QR codes in 2021


What is a QR code?

QR code is a short form of Quick Response Code and looks like a square 2D barcode. QR codes are used to store and distribute information. You can, for example, use a QR code for a specific link to a website, phone number or business card. QR codes are mostly aimed at phone users who can quickly scan the QR code with the camera. QR codes are used as scannable links that can connect the offline with the online world.

Scan/read a QR code

Simply point your smartphone camera at the QR code to scan it.

Try it yourself!

Scan this QR code to reveal his secret information.


Where to apply

In short, QR codes can be placed almost anywhere and are very versatile. QR codes are suitable for almost any print material, such as brochures, posters and newsletters. QR codes are often printed on physical products, such as packaging, receipts, business cards and physical advertising material. QR codes are also commonly used on websites. And for products where the choice is large, such as wine, it is a good idea to print the QR code directly on it. For example, when choosing wine, people can scan the QR code and immediately get the information they are looking for and thus saving time.


A powerful marketing tool

Today, brands use QR codes to increase customer engagement and conversions. QR codes can be integrated into almost all marketing campaigns. For example, you can use a QR code to direct the user to the product page on your website. To promote the QR code, the QR code could provide an offer such as participation in a lottery and there many other options. In addition, creative ways can be applied to display the QR code, so that the customer is encouraged to scan the QR code.

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Behind the scenes: collect user data with the use of QR codes

Did you know that you can measure how often a QR code has been scanned, at what time of day the QR code was scanned and how many unique people come back, with which device the QR code was scanned and much more. QR codes can collect similar data to shortened links.

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