About Sub.Link

Sub.Link is founded in 2020. Sub.Link is based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. The founders saw the rising struggle of companies to navigate the digital marketing space and understand the steps in the customer journey.

Sub.Link has created a tracking system where you will be able to map your customer journey, all while maintaining the privacy of your customers. We do this by shortening your links, while giving you all the data that comes with it. This all so you'll be able to map you're whole customer journey and create additional data points. Sub.Link helps to identify and measure customer touchpoints. We strive to measure every way the customer may interact with your brand, so you can track what is working and where more efforts are needed.

Our Vision

We believe that every company should be able to track their customers' behaviour, while maintaining their privacy. The privacy of your customers is what drove us to build Sub.Link.

You should be able to control the data of your customers.

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